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Eureka counseling and psychotherapy by Patricia A. Jones, M.A., LMFT

If you are looking for more satisfaction and enjoyment in your life and relationships, counseling may help you find it. 
What are some of the reasons someone living in Eureka would seek counseling or psychotherapy? Perhaps you need help healing from a trauma, or are feeling overwhelmed by too many stressors at once.  You may have recently suffered a significant loss or need help working through complicated grief.  Maybe you are feeling stuck in your career life or need help navigating workplace dynamics. Perhaps you are currently experiencing anxiety or depression. You might be frustrated with the consequences of ingrained habits and want help making changes. You might be nearing a life transition and need an objective and skillful outside opinion. In today’s world, you may simply be wobbling out of balance and need help re-centering. Or you may be at a particular life stage that requires a quiet reflective place to get to know yourself more deeply.

If you live in or near Eureka and want to explore counseling, I encourage you to check out the information on these pages. The decision to begin therapy is a significant one -- one that can ultimately bring a greater sense of well-being, decreased stress, and increased satisfaction with the direction of your life. 

Looking for a therapist in Eureka or a nearby Humboldt County community? Call or email me today for a free 10 - 15 minute phone consultation.  Eureka counseling and psychotherapy with Patricia A. Jones, LMFT -  compassionate counseling in a peaceful private setting.